Wilson Center: “Japan, Taiwan, the United States, and the ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific'”

My latest study … an analysis of recent developments in Japan-Taiwan relations and prospects for deeper Japan-Taiwan-U.S. cooperation beyond deterrence… was published yesterday by the nonpartisan Wilson Center as part of a collection of “Essays on the Rise of China and its Implications.” Please check it out!

Suggested citation and link to free, downloadable PDF:

  • Executive Summary: Against the backdrop of worsening tensions across the Taiwan Strait, this study 1) examines democratic Taiwan’s importance to the United States’ and Japan’s shared vision for the region’s “free and open” future; 2) highlights recent developments in Japan-Taiwan relations; and 3) suggests policy options to bolster U.S.-Japan-Taiwan cooperation in pursuit of a positive regional agenda beyond strictly deterrence. It argues that the trajectory of Japan-Taiwan relations carries major implications for both U.S. regional strategy and Taiwan policy, and therefore warrants significantly greater attention in Washington than it typically receives. U.S.-Japan cooperation, or lack thereof, in this space will be a critical variable affecting both the region’s—and Taiwan’s—future. This study closes with a discussion of prospects for more extensive Japan-Taiwan cooperation and explores policy options, including ways to enhance U.S.-Japan coordination to facilitate the diversification of Taiwan’s economic linkages and to expand functional cooperation with the U.S., Japan, and other democratic partners.