Brookings: “Japan’s new security policies: a long road to full implementation”

My latest publication (w/ RAND’s Jeffrey Hornung)… a short reflection on some of the challenges ahead as Japan’s government seeks to implement the ambitious pledges within its new national security and national defense strategies … is now available *open-access (free)* via the Brookings Institution’s Order from Chaos blog.

Please take a look!

Link and suggested citation:

Adam P. Liff and Jeffrey W. Hornung, “Japan’s New Security Policies: A Long Road to Full Implementation,” Brookings Institution, March 27, 2023.


“Pointing out the difficult road ahead is not meant to minimize the significance of the ambitions contained in Japan’s new national security and defense strategies, or to suggest achievement is unlikely. Rather, the intent is simply to highlight that despite the bold steps forward already taken by the Kishida Cabinet, there remain many unknowns about what will come next, and how bumpy the path forward is likely to be. One thing is certain: a lot of hard work — in both Tokyo and Washington — lies ahead.”