I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on international relations, past and present, with a substantive focus on the international relations of East Asia, Japanese and Chinese politics and foreign policy, and U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy. Most of my courses are joint-listed in EALC and Political Science, and cross-listed in International Studies.

During the 2017-2018 academic year I am on leave from IU as a Social Science Research Council Abe Fellow. I will be conducting research in Tokyo, Beijing, and Washington, D.C.

Stable of courses: (*indicates new course offering at IU SGIS/EALC)

  • EALC-E190: The Rise of China
  • EALC-E204/POLS-Y200: Conflict and Cooperation in 21st Century East Asia*
  • EALC-E350/POLS-Y334: Japanese Politics and Society
  • EALC-E386/POLS-Y300: U.S.-East Asia Relations (AKA “U.S. Asia-Pacific Strategy”*
  • EALC-E390/POLS-Y333:Contemporary Chinese Politics
  • EALC-E392/POLS-Y300: Chinese Foreign Policy
  • EALC-E395/POLS-Y300: Japanese Foreign Policy* (AKA “Japan in World Trade & Politics”)
  • EALC-E398/POLS-Y362: International Relations of East Asia*

N.B. Some courses are also offered at the graduate level, as well. Please contact me if interested.