AEI: “10 Years After ‘the Pivot’: Still America’s Pacific Century?”

Zack Cooper and I have just published a new 12-page report in which we (1) reflect on the ten years of U.S. Asia strategy since the Obama Administration announced the famous “Pivot” (or “Rebalance”) to the Asia-Pacific and (2) try to draw lessons for today.

Link and suggested citation: Zack Cooper and Adam P. Liff, “10 Years After ‘the Pivot’: Still America’s Pacific Century?,” (AEI: Washington, D.C.), October 2021.

In the paper, we highlight a recurring gap between rhetoric in Washington about the importance of Asia/”strategic competition” with China, and actual delivery. We call on the Biden administration and Congress to work together in a bipartisan fashion to urgently address these issues. The “three urgent course corrections” for U.S. Asia strategy that we highlight in the paper are even more exigent now than when we originally presented our ideas at the America in the World Consortium Policy Workshop in June. There is no time to waste.

Please check it out!