Forthcoming (2021): “Japan’s Defense Reforms Under Abe”

My latest study … an analysis of the significance and legacy of the Abe government (2012 – 2020) for Japan’s defense policy and institutional reforms … is now forthcoming as part of an edited volume to be published early next year by Cambridge University Press.

(As luck (or misfortune?) would have it, final copy-edits were due, and the chapter entered into production, the week Abe abruptly announced his resignation (August 28, 2020). Fortunately, with the editor’s generous blessing, I was able to update the manuscript a bit at the 11th hour to incorporate a few recent developments before submitting it on August 29. History will tell whether this timing was auspicious or inauspicious…)

A suggested citation and link to a PDF of my author’s manuscript version are freely available below:

I am grateful to volume editors Takeo Hoshi and Phillip Lipscy for the invitation to join the project and to present a preliminary draft of this paper at a 2018 workshop held by Stanford University’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center.